Visual Identity, 3D & illustration, UX/UI








Financial services

The challenge

MB WAY is a financial service based on a mobile app, that has different functionalities to facilitate payments and exchanges. The main goal was to redesign a new website that helps increase the app downloads, by rethinking the way MB WAY presents each functionality.

UX – Strategy & Usability

Rethinking the architecture of the website and its organization as a whole. The process consisted of a phase of usability analysis of the previous website, market analysis, and definition of a new brand positioning.


UI – Visual Identity & Design System

Redesigning a new visual identity, respecting the existing brand guidelines. The challenge was to create a new visual system, based on the three-dimensionality and motion of MB WAY’s specific functionalities.

3D & Illustration

One of the main goals of the website was to present the different functionalities. Therefore, we’ve designed 3D animations to explain how each one works. The idea was to have a minimal website with a clear design system, where the highlights are tridimensional illustrations.