Brand strategy, Visual identity, Verbal identity, UX/UI




Feb 2021





A rebranding challenge

Like most startups, Blink Delivery – the name of the previous brand – started having growing pains and needed to rethink its positioning in a competitive market and strong personalities.
After the first 6 months of life as Blink, it was time to assume itself as a relevant player in logistics solutions, with a loud and confident voice, typical of a brand competing in such an aggressive market.

Verbal identity

The starting point (which turned out to be also the end) was a verbal identity that is also assumed as a visual identity, out loud and without shame. “It’s a Batch!” Like who makes a match. A match between Batch and its partners. A true “red label partner”.

Visual identity

Design of a visual identity, with the design system and morphological, typographic, and iconographic universe. Customized typography that generates the whole visual concept.

In the end, our goal was to allow Batch partners to offer the best consumer experience for their customers.

Visual identity

All the iconography was custom-designed to communicate clearly and boldly. In addition, we develop a specific verbal language, identifying the tone of voice, the key message conveyed and the way the brand will communicate. A super loud verbal identity appears in every vehicle.

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